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125 years of history

It all started in 1896, when John Henry Bryant created ginger ale in the Eastern Townships. Mr. Bryant, who originally was a brewer with his partner Seth Nutter for the Silver Springs Brewery in Sherbrooke, found the competition too strong in this area, decided to create an original drink for the family business. Inspired by his Irish origins and by trial and error, he finally created a Belfast type ginger ale with a completely original taste. His wife, observing her husband's stubbornness, suggested that he name this new drink Bull's Head, the name that has stuck.

An original recipe over 100 years old. All the companies that are over 100 years old will tell you, to get there it is necessary to have an incomparable product and impeccable service. After its creation and its regional success, the Bull's Head became a reference being even served at the famous Château Frontenac in Quebec between the 1st and the 2nd World War. Faced with fierce competition from the majors of the soft drink industry in the 1970s, John H. Bryant decided to close the company. Mr. Lucien Lavigne, bottler from Sherbrooke, took over. Following the sale of the Pepsi franchise in the early 90s, Mr. Lavigne then decided to stop production of the Bull's Head, and kept the recipe in his coffers.

In 1993, Dr. Peter O'Donnell, a businessman from Estrie, in search of a challenge and wishing to use the expertise of his 2 sons, expressed his interest in Bull's Head. Dr. O'Donnell purchased the rights to Bull's Head after several attempts from Mr. Lavigne. Dr. O'Donnell and his sons are credited with relaunching Bull's Head in the Eastern Townships, in a community that has always enjoyed Bulls Head. Subsequently, in 2006, the Husk brothers took over the business and it was in November 2009 that brothers Carl and Dominic Pearson as well as Charles Martel purchased the rights and recipe for the legendary Bull's Head ginger ale. Off the shelves for almost a year, they work hard to ensure that everyone can taste and enjoy Bull's Head Ginger Ale. In recent years, Bull's Head has not only been manufacturing Ginger Ale, but also Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Cola, Blood Orange, Cream Soda and Tonic.


Now Bull's Head is available for everyone to enjoy!

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